30 December 2013

2012 in Review!

I haven't updated in forever and I know I won't unless I do some catching up.  SO.  Here is 2012 in review. Sorry in advance for the length of this post ;)

January 2012
  • Adelle started Primary as a Sunbeam!  She was very excited, but didn't like having to sit still and listen (which was no surprise to me!)
  • We celebrated Luke's 27th birthday on the 3rd.
  • Evelyn Elizabeth was born on January 14th!  My Mom and Dad came to visit when she was born.  Adelle was so happy and excited to meet her new baby sister.
The first time I held her in my arms

Adelle meeting her baby sister

  • We went home from the hospital a day early and my Mom was so generous to stay for THREE weeks while I recovered from my c-section, since Luke had to go back to work right away.  Those weeks were kind of a blur...

The day she came home (3 days old)

Beautiful Big Sister (3 years old)

7 days old

Meeting her Great Grandma Patty (14 days old)

16 days old

February 2012

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

 Playgroup at the church

6 weeks

  • Grandma Patty came home from a Rehabilitation Center on February 18th, where she regained the ability to walk and became so unbelievably strong.  It was a huge blessing for her to be there.
  • Due to my mom's HUGE help in January, we were able to say Adelle was officially potty trained in February.  Most memorable Adelle quote this month: "Shut the door! It's freaking cold outside!"
  • At Evelyn's 6 week wellness appointment, she was 10lb 15oz and 21.5 inches long.
  • I also had a 6 week appointment and was cleared to start being more active.

March 2012

Lucas had to go to San Antonio for some work training... here's what we did while he was gone.

Adelle wanted to sing her daddy a song while he was away.

Evelyn's Baby Blessing 3/25



  • On March 21st, Evelyn had a wellness check and was 12 pounds 2 oz, 22.5 inches tall.
  • On March 25th, Evelyn was given her first father's blessing at church.  I'm so grateful that my parents, sister Kelly and brother Eric were here to see it.  We watched a lot of The Muppets Movie that weekend as well :)  My mom made Evelyn a beautiful knitted dress to wear for her blessing.
  • We enjoyed watching our Jayhawks reach the Final Four in basketball in March (They lost in the final game in April).
  • Lucas got a mild concussion playing basketball one night at the church.  My aunt Ann was generous to come over late at night and stay with the girls so I could take him to the ER.
April 2012
Trip to Lawrence for Easter (We are grateful for portable DVD players)

Adelle had fun playing with Jake and his train table

Ready to hunt for Easter Eggs!

Well what do YOU do on Easter?? :)

Kansas City Temple Open House

Almost 3 months old

Beautiful girl wanted her picture taken

3 months old, right after a nap

Sleeping!  Adelle tucked the little lamb toy in with her :)
  • My sister Lori and I decided on a name for our new business, Prairie Sweet Boutique, and created a concrete timeline to launch the business and website.
  • I started using Instagram when it finally came available for Droid phones.
  • We made a family trip to Lawrence, KS for Easter, where the rest of my family could meet Evelyn.
  • The four of us got to go to the Kansas City LDS Temple Open House the week after Easter.
  • Evelyn started teething (bibs and constant drooling galore)
May 2012

5/4 - Tummy Time

Evelyn found her feet!

5/13 - My Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

4 months old

I barely pushed record in time to catch her very first time rolling over!

Library Grand Opening!

  • 5/4: Evelyn mastered tummy time (she stopped screaming through the whole thing)
  • 5/11: Evelyn found her feet and started playing with them
  • 5/21: Evelyn rolled over for the first time!
  • I enjoyed a very nice Mother's Day: Luke and Adelle brought me breakfast in bed!
  • We got a family membership to YMCA
  • Evelyn cut her first tooth!
  • A brand new public library had their Grand Opening, very close to home.  Adelle got her face painted.  It was supposed to be a dog, but it looks more like a tiger to me...
  • I attempted exercising for the first time post-baby and learned very quickly that I had a bone spur on my heel and plantar fasciitis, thus ending much of the exercise attempt.
June 2012

5 months old!

Evelyn and her Elephant

  • Summers in Oklahoma City are... rough.  It seems like we basically hibernated all month.
  • Evelyn turned 5 months old.  She was very attached to her stuffed elephant that has a wind-up music box inside and plays a lullaby when you pull on the tail, but I'm not complaining... it helped a TON with her sleeping schedule.  I'm so blessed to have good sleepers!
  • Luke got a new charcoal grill for Father's Day, but he couldn't use it right away because of a burn ban in the area.
  • Luke was told that he broke his finger playing basketball, but a week after wearing a temporary cast, he was told that it was just a bad sprain and they gave him a tiny thing to hold his fingers together.
  • Every free moment I had was put toward preparing for our big Prairie Sweet Boutique launch in August.
  • We would go swimming frequently at a friend's neighborhood swimming pool.

July 2012

Playing in the exersaucer, waiting for fireworks.

 Ready to see the fireworks!

Adelle's Swim Lessons!

I'm sorry about the vertical video... here's Adelle at swim lessons!

Sister Love!

Feeding herself a bottle

Just being cute :)

Tummy time, trying to scoot

6 months old!

  • Edmond, Oklahoma is known for their Independence Day festivities, so after Luke grilled some delicious burgers and pork chops, we got ready and went to watch fireworks there.
  • Adelle got to take swimming lessons through YMCA
  • Evelyn turned 6 months old!
  • Evelyn learned how to sit up without someone supporting her and she learned how to hold a bottle by herself.
  • Lucas left his job at Best Buy because he was offered a job at Dell!  He also used the time to make a short visit to Utah to see some of his family.
  • I continued to prepare for my big Prairie Sweet Launch.
August 2012

More Sister Love :)  This is right after they woke up in the morning.  Adelle wanted to hold her sister.

7 months old!

Adelle was very proud of picking out this outfit by herself

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Luke got me a ukulele for my birthday and I love it!

The Big Launch!

  • August 1st, my sister and I launched our new business, Prairie Sweet Boutique.  It has been quite the adventure!
  • Lucas started his new job at Dell, which he loves!
  • My Little Pony became an important part of Adelle's life.
  • Evelyn turned 7 months
  • 8/20/2012 - Evelyn had almost mastered crawling.  She started doing an army scoot forward this week.
  • 8/28/2012 - Evelyn learned to go from the army crawl to sitting up!
  • 8/29/2012 (my birthday) - This morning I went in to get Evelyn from her crib and she was STANDING with her hands on the top bar.
  • We celebrated my 28th birthday with Oreo cake.  Adelle picked it out and it was awesome.

September 2012

8 months old :)

Adelle started doing 'school time' more often.  Evelyn was never far away.

Puppy Love.  Lady is such a sweet and patient dog.  She is perfect for our young kids.

  • I created an Emergency/Family Binder to help us be a little more organized.  I'm still working on actually utilizing it...
  • Adelle started playing soccer through YMCA.  She wasn't all that interested in it, but on her 2nd game, when my dad happened to be visiting, she did the very first kick-off of the game and took it straight forward to score a goal!
  • Luke and I started rehearsals for the Joy to the World Christmas Celebration Choir (a huge event to happen just days before Chrstmas) every Sunday night for 2 hours.
  • Grandma Patty had to have another stent put in her heart, which thankfully prevented another heart attack and removed all remaining blockages in her heart.  She recovered so quickly and is getting stronger and stronger!
October 2012

Maybe I'm just short, but I could barely reach the top of my extra tall straw... Abuelos on our anniversary (10/5)

Family Pictures

On our way to a wedding in Lawrence

Eating at IHOP (this is just a cute pic of Daddy and Adelle)

Sisters Cuddling

In Adelle's bed right before bedtime

Batgirl on Halloween!
  • Lucas and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  We went to Abuelos for dinner... I couldn't stop laughing about how long the straw was for my drink :)  A few nights later, Luke took me to see Les Miserables at the OKC Civic Center.  It was pretty incredible, but I've decided that it's a little too depressing to see too often... we had a lot of fun!
  • We made a trip to Lawrence, KS for the wedding of one of Luke's close friends from high school.  I had gotten to know the bride by designing their wedding invitations and programs.  It was a great wedding and a short, but great trip.  While we were there we got family pictures taken by my sister, Lori.
  • For Halloween, Luke had to work late into the evening, so I went with the girls to trick or treat in downtown Edmond with our friends, the Tanners.  Luke met us at Hideaway Pizza afterward.  It was a fun night!
November 2012

Our girls sure love to cuddle!

First time swinging, at playgroup

Birthday girl at IHOP!

 (THIS is why we took her to IHOP on her birthday)

We stayed with Kevin and Gaia for Thanksgiving... Iron Girl

All of the grandkids except William, Jake and Evelyn

Ava and Elise got Adelle the awesomest birthday present ever! :)

  • Adelle had a Grand Galloping Gala Birthday Party.  The theme was pretty loose, but I made an invitation that she loved :)  Grandma Elizabeth was here for it, on her way traveling to New Mexico.  We had an AMAZING chocolate mousse cake from a local bakery, La Baguette Bistro & Bakery.  Adelle thought it was just the greatest day ever.
  • For Thanksgiving we went home to Lawrence.  While we were there, we also celebrated my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary.

December 2012

We had a great December and Christmas!  I participated in a large Christmas "Joy to the World" concert that was directed by Dr. Craig Jessop, former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  It was a great experience and I made some great friends in the process!

We decided to stay in Oklahoma City for Christmas.  It was low key, low stress and exactly what we needed!  I love my little family!!